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Our King Palm bulk rolls are packaged in clear zip lock bags, with Boveda humidity packets for long-term freshness with an estimated shelf life, similar to medicinal plants and flowers, of 12 months. We have a One-Year Freshness Guarantee on all our products. Each purchase also comes with a wooden packing tool.

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Hand Rolled with a Pre-Installed Natural Corn Husk Filter, Just Fill It, with your favorite leaf.

Mini: Holds .8 Grams

Slim: Holds 1.25 Grams

King: Holds 2 Grams

XL: Holds 3 Grams

Pro Tips:

  • Pack it tight by compressing downward (without extreme force) for the best slow burning smoke you will have. The feel of the roll when pinched anywhere should be as hard as a rock.
  • Bite or Squeeze the corn husk tip while smoking for a tighter draw, resulting in a cooler smoke. 

When purchasing Master Cases in bulk you get the most savings.

  • Master Case – 1,080 Mini Rolls (Contains 6 Inner Boxes of 180 Rolls) 
  • Master Case – 1,080 Slim Rolls (Contains 6 Inner Boxes of 180 Rolls)
  • Master Case – 840 King Rolls (Contains 6 Inner Boxes of 140 Rolls)
  • Master Case – 600 XL Rolls (Contains 6 Inner Boxes of 100 Rolls) 

Carrying Tubes:

  • Small Tube: Holds Mini and Rollie sizes.
  • Large Tube: Holds Slim, King and XL sizes.

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25 Mini Rolls, 25 Slim Rolls, 25 King Rolls, 25 XL Rolls, 180 Mini Rolls, 180 Slim Rolls, 140 King Rolls, 100 XL Rolls, Master Case – 1080 Mini Rolls, Master Case – 1080 Slim Rolls, Master Case – 840 King Rolls, Master Case – 600 XL Rolls, Small Blank Carrying Tube (Holds Mini / Rollie) – 98mm, Large Blank Carrying Tube (Holds Slim, King, XL) – 109mm, King Palm Large Carrying Tube (Holds Slim, King, XL) – 109mm

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